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Tango for Seniors

Bay Area tango classes and workshops are currently taking place across five facilities for over 300 members through G.A.T.A. The elderly and disabled are important in our community and are a significant percentage of our members.

The Art of Dressing

Proper dress and social etiquette are important in tango culture (as in society). We accept clothing donations-- including dance shoes and dress wear-- and help veterans and others in need to dress appropriately for job interviews as well as milongas through our free clothing donation program. Local designers are encouraged to sell their tango-appropriate clothing at our events as well: we’ve even helped some designers begin creating and selling tango clothes.

Tango for Veterans

We offer free Tango lessons for veterans and their partners as a means of creating a shared community and mitigating the isolation and PTSD that so many veterans experience.

Lands' End Milonga

Check the event page for our frequent milongas outdoors. Everyone is welcome to join us in the parks of San Francisco!

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